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Week of 1/15


Bench (3)
Supinated Grip Chins
SB Plate Loaded Russian Twists
Good Mornings or Back Extn (GHD)

Bench (3)
Pronated Grip Chins
High Band Crunch
Pronated Grip Bar Suspension Rows

JC Band Flyes
DB pullovers or SACPD

WOD 2 

(5 rounds NOT including WU)
Squats (3)
Kneeling Box Jumps (3)

(3 rounds)
Plate Royales (15 yds)
Leg Curl Machine

Light Calves 3 exercises (1 drop each)
High Knees or JR in between

WOD 3 

Bar Skull Crushers to CG Bench PU
Bar High Pull
DB Incl Bench Curls (neut to sup)
Med Ball V-up

DB Burpee to OH Set Press (1 min)
Band Laterals
Band Rev Flyes
Machine Curls (mixed)

Band Triceps Pressdown Ladder
KB High Pull to Snatch 5/s
Sled Pull


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