Exercise Link Notes

 Accommodating Resistance

 Use of accomdating resistance (bands and chains)


 Bench Press

 Dave Tate Bench Press Manual


 Bench Press Tips

 3 Bench Press Tips


 Box Squat

 Box Squat


 Broad Jump

 Broad Jump Tutorial


 C2 Rower Common Mistakes

 Facebook Link Rower Fixes


 Dead Lift

 Dave Tate Deadlift Manual


 Dead Lift Lockout

 Dead Lift Pelvic Tilt Lockout


 Dead Lift with Bands

 Rogue Fitness DL with bands


 Double KB Clean and Push  Jerk

 Double KB Clean and Push Jerk


 Death March (Glutes)

 Death March


 Double KB Front Squat

 Double KB Front Squat


 Double KB Swing

 Double KB Swing


 Dynamic Warmup/Prehab



 EliteFTS Exercise Library

 EliteFTS Exercise Index


 GHD Ladders

 GHD Hammy Ladders


 Good Morning Basics

 Good Mornings


 Good Morning Variations

 Advanced Good Morning Variations JL Holdsworth


 Hip Mobility (Spiderman, Toe-Touch Squat)

 Mike Boyle Hip Mobility


 Hip Mobility Stretches

 Stretches for Hip Mobility


 Hip Rotator Complex Drill

 Comerford Hip Complex Golfers


 How to use bands

 How to set up bands JL Holdsworth


 How to use chains

 Proper use of chains JL Holdsworth


 KB Clean

 Minute of Strength #2 The Clean


 KB Clean and Press Tips

 KB Clean and Press Tips


 KB Clean Variations

 KB Clean Variations


 KB Iron Cross

 KB Iron Cross


 KB Snatch (part 1)

 KB Snatch


 KB Snatch (part 2)

 KB Snatch 2


 KB Swing Basics

 Strong First KB Swing Basics Hike Start


 KB Swing Hike Start

 Hike Start KB Swing


 Knee Up Progressions

 Ab Progressions


 Knee Valgus

 Fixing Knee Valgus and Hip-Ankle Drills


 Land Mine Reverse Lunges

 LM Reverse Lunges


 Land Mine Squats

 LM Squats


 Mobility Drills for Squats

Three mobility drills to improve the squat and reduce knee-pain


 Monster/Sumo Walk

 MSW Glute Activation Drills


 OL Exercise Library 

 Olympic Lift Library Catalyst Athletics


 Pendulum Squat

 Glute Ham Work


 Post Activation Potentiation

 What is PAP?


 Pull Up Progressions

 Pull up progressions


 Push Press (Bar Front)

 Push Press Technique


 Push Press Behind the Neck

 Bar PP Behind the Neck


 Quad Dominant Squat Fix

 Squat Quad Dominance Fixes


 Reverse Hyper Alt Setup Glutes

 Alternate Set Up Glute Work


 Serrano Split Squats

 Serrano SS


 Single Leg DL Progressions

 SDL Progressions


 Single Leg Squat Progressions

 Pistol Progressions


 Single KB Clean and Jerk

 Double KB Clean and Push Jerk II


 Squat Depth, How Deep?

 Adjusting squat depth to one's needs


 Squat Variations

 Coaches Guide to Squat Variations


 Starting Strength

 Developing Starting Strength


 Stir the Pot

 SB Stir the Pot (Core Ex)


 Sumo DL with Bands

 Sumo DL with bands


 Suspension Rowing

 10 inverted row progressions





 Trap Bar DLs 101

 Trap Bar DL Basics


 Trap Bar DLs with Bands

 Trap Bar DL Demo with bands


 Universal Athletic Position

 Universal Athletic Position and Human Movement


 Velocity Based Training

 Bryan Mann talks velocity based training


 Vertical Jump

 Vertical Jump Technique


 World's Greatest Stretch





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